5 Reasons to Use A Cleaning Service


You’ve just arrived home from work, parked your car and unlocked your back door and as you step in your weary facial features turn to that of horror! There’s a mountain of dishes in the sink, what looks like last week’s spaghetti hanging out of the trash bin, an inch of dust, no wait, 2 inches of dust settling on your once beautiful and glossy wooden bookshelves and not to mention the dirty laundry piling up in the laundry room, and over your son’s bedroom chairs. You feel a pang of hopeless but wait… what about hiring someone to help around with the chores? You’re considering it, and here are the top 5 reasons why you should!
1. Convenience
You’re grinding that 9-5 every day at the office and that’s not including commute time it takes you to get there or time in the morning and afternoon getting the kids ready or picking them up after sports practice. Your time devoted to cleaning is narrowed down to a mere hour in the afternoon when you get home. Not to mention cooking dinner takes up at least an hour. So, to help you maintain a clean and shiny home, hire someone to do it for you!
2. More Time for Family
Surely if you have a large family and all your time is devoted to chores, how’s Brandon going to get help for his homework? Or doesn’t Wendy want do craft with her mom? Or the hubby and yourself want to catch up with the latest episode of Game of Thrones? Having help in keeping a tidy home gives you so much more time that you can devote to your family and time spent with family is priceless!
3. Entertaining guests
You’re a sassy sociable mom. And you love having guests over on the weekends. Whether it’s a bar-b-que, or a book club or a party, catering an event is a huge task if taken on by one person. There’s cooking to be done, decorating, dishes to be laid out etc. Not to mention a few last-minute trips to the grocery store because you’re one bottle short of wine. No sweat! You and your housekeeper will have the kitchen set and tidy, meals prepped, shopping done and decor tasteful long before your dinner guests arrive! And you’ll have time to enjoy a sip of wine before anyone arrives!
4. You dislike cleaning
A good reason for hiring a maid is simply because cleaning is just not your thing. A lot of people enjoy it since it gives them thinking time or allows them to de-stress. But for you, it adds stress! It simply isn’t your cup of tea (or wine). So go on and hire someone, while you finish that last chapter.
5. A Better Clean
Cleaning services provide the full works, from dusting to vacuuming to steaming, you name it. If you’re like me, and own nothing but a broom and a feather duster, your living space is probably looking neat and tidy however it isn’t as spic and span and deep cleaned as you would like it. In that case, I hope you’re not a germophobe. But cleaning services will provide you will the deepest clean to have your home shinier than you’ve ever seen it!
So go on and enjoy the extra time to do the things you love, request an estimate.

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